20 February 2010

Alright Boys and Girls, Shamblesguru Has News!

Shamblesguru Voom, also known as Chris Smith /rl is a fellow virtual teaching enthusiast, who resides in Thailand supporting the International Schools Community with his Second Life installation of the same name. I consider it a great compliment that he often stays up late to attend our Tools.Jam sessions on Tuesday mornings, at 9:30am PST. He refers to himself as the "biggest learner in the room" and often prefaces a teacher-ly comment with "alright, boys and girls..." He recently said something about how he planned to mention Tools.Jam at the Bangkok TED Talks in mid-February which was a delightful surprise and I imagined him attending and chatting about his virtual activities, but then it seems that he was actually a Presenter there!

He went prepared with a wonderful video made by another Second Life friend, Leon Turbrok, that I happened to meet on Help Island when he was brand new. I remember that Leon dove right into building, creating a line of watches and quickly grasping the finer points of virtual content creation. Clearly, he did a great job capturing Shamble's clever approach to sharing the podium with his own avatar, effectively bridging First and Second Life with his characteristic wit.

Bravo, Gentlemen! Well Done!

Video: http://vimeo.com/9430042
Doubling-clicking on it will give you a full screen view. Escape will return you to the blog view.
Storyboards: http://bit.ly/Leon-Shambles

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Shambles' presentation at TEDx BKK 2010 from =IcaruS= on Vimeo.